Ritz Plaza

Ritz Plaza scene (104-111)

  1. On page 109 Anna has an intimate confrontation with Joe but she does not want his advances. They have words between each other in this moment ” Don’t be mad at me. I was only teasing you.” Anna responds to this declaration by saying ” I’m not, No don’t”(109). Joe wants to sleep with Anna and she does not like him and wants no physical interaction with him. The word teasing to Ann, he means he only wants to flirt with her, but by kissing her, he’s portraying a different facade.
  2.  Between Laurie and Anna things became tense when they fought over the dress that Anna had borrowed from her As they were pulling on the dress they started threatening each other ” Joe started to laugh .If you tear my dress, I’ll knock your block off. Try it just try it. And you’ll get the surprise of your life” (108). Anna challenges Laurie in this scene but the whole premise of their argument is over a dress but the subtext is really getting the attention of Joe.
  3. One of Anna characteristics is to describe people in a exaggerated manner and so when she describes the makeup Laurie is wearing she does so in a very cartoonist fashion. She depicts the makeup as “She seemed very tall and her face enormous. I could see all the lines in i, and the powder, trying to fill up the lines, and just where her lipstick stopped and her  lips began. It looked like a clown’s face, so that I wanted to laugh at it. She was pretty, but her hands were short and fat with wide, flat, very red nails” (106)

Natacha, Ricardo


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