Pages 69-71

P 69-71

The scene is not about Anna and Walter but mostly about Germaine and Vincent. Germaine steps up to Vincent and backs herself up by talking back and not let Vincent talk to her like that in a rude manor. During the novel men are rude and very mean towards the woman and for once Anna sees a woman stand up for herself and talks back to a man. In the conflict there is Anna, Walter, Vincent and Germaine all lounging in the Hotel lobby. The conflict begins starts off that Anna realizes that Vincent and Germain aren’t on the same page and feel that they are mad at each other. The conflict was that Germaine; “… Wouldn’t be an Englishwoman,” (Rhys 70). She would not even be a Englishwoman if anyone paid her to do it. Germaine claims that the woman are awful, there aren’t barely any pretty woman but the there are mostly pretty girls meaning that the woman aren’t mature or respectful. Germaine also claims that the English girls are “Mechantes”, cruel and dried-up and have a cringing look (Rhys 70).  There arent many Englishwoman in England because the Englishmen don’t give a damn about women. Basically we also see that Germain doesn’t want to be called a Englishwoman because Englishwoman don’t stand up for themselves and let the men talk rudely to them but Germaine is not a Englishwoman and she wants to stay a Frenchwomen and the Frenchwomen will not let the men be like that towards her.

The scene is not particularly funny but you can say that there was humor when Germaine was arguing with Vincent and saying that he is not perfect and says; “whenever you drink champagne you belch” and she is ashamed of that and then imitates him (Rhys 70).

There isn’t anything described cartoonish but there is a grotesque description of the woman that Germaine said; “The women here are awful. That beaten, cringing look- or else cruel and dried-up as they’re made” (Rhys). She basically describes the woman in a horrible way.

Anna never seen something happen such as when Germaine stands up for women in general; ” I hated the way they were looking at each other” (Rhys 71). She’s not comfortable with that but maybe she will do that same and stand up.

Alexander Vincelli and Alex Mukwende


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