Laurie by Marcela and Melvin

  1. Laurie talks about how she takes advantage of men for her profit. By contrast, Anna gets deeply emotionally involved. She states: “There was a man I was mad about. He go sick of me and chucked me. I wish I were dead.” (99)
  2. When Anna tells Laurie that she can write to Walter at any moment to gain money. She is faking. The subtext here is that Anna is putting on a show. She does not have the same confidence that Laurie has nor does she have the same skills to seduce men and profit from them.
  3. Anna judges Laurie for making her rounds with men. She also judges her appearance (hair color, hair length and makeup). She refers to the term “Overture and Beginners”, which is a theater term used by call-boy/girls to begin the music and send in the actors. Another interpretation could be that the excessive blue eye shadow is a warning to men that Laurie is a prostitute.
    Another funny part of the scene is when Anna describes Adler (Joe). She describes him as “very Jew-looking” (98)
  4. Anna has very low self-esteem. When she is challenged by a person, she is unable to stand her ground.

“‘No’ I said, I can’t today, Laurie’ I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I felt too much like a ghost.”

“Oh, come on,’ she said. She took hold of my arm.

Carl said, ‘Well, don’t try to kidnap the girl, Laurie. If she doesn’t want to come, leave her alone.

As soon as he said that, I changed my mind.

6. Whenever Anna is in the bath, she tends to feel deep emotions. It could be interpreted as a cleansing of her soul.

7. Anna’s description of Laurie’s room gives the readers a sense of loneliness and no shared memories it is also implied that Laurie is very promiscuous: “Her bedroom was small and very tidy. There was no photographs and no pictures. There was a huge bed and a long plait of  hair on the dressing table.”(100)

Anna judges people around her according to their living lifestyle and space. Anna tends to impose her position based on their environment.



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