(Five-two)-Fingered Kate

Task One

  1. Conflict in a scene usually results from the differences between what different characters want.

‘Damned fools’, I said. ‘Aren’t they damned fools? Don’t you hate them? They always clap in the wrong places and they laugh in the wrong places.’

Anna seems to like Three-Fingered Kate because she refers to her as the “pretty girl” but when the audience is overjoyed with her arrest, Anna is fuming. There is a conflict between Anna and the rest of the audience because while she appreciates Three-Fingered Kate, everyone else does not.

  1. I find this novel quite funny. I think Anna is a funny character. Parts of this novel make me laugh out loud.

The cinema smelt of poor people, and on the screen ladies and gentlemen in evening dress walked about with strained smiles.

This specific sentence contains a hint of irony because of the fact that Anna is describing the audience as being poor, but they’re watching a film with people dressed in evening dress. In our opinion, Anna sees this as being ironic yet funny.

  1. For me, the most delicious part of this novel is Anna’s personality. I love her. I could listen to her talk about anything.

In general, this whole scene is very negative, which ties in perfectly with Anna’s personality. The words she uses reflect her emotions and show us how dark and negative everything is for her.For example, she describes the sound of the piano playing as “sickly-sweet”. She’s unable to appreciate the usual calm and soothing melody of a piano and the emotions it sends out. She finds a way to turn something good into something bad.

  1. The particular place that Anna finds herself tends to heavily influence her mood and her disposition.

The place, doesn’t have much of an influence on Anna’s feelings but the film she’s watching does. An explicit way to view the film is a young pretty girl hosting a hold up therefore viewed as the criminal. Through Anna’s eyes, the pretty girl is not a criminal she’s almost like a hero. Her mood is ruined once the audience starts clapping at the pretty girl’s arrest, something that Anna is upset about. In this case her mood was heavily influenced by the movie which she relates too but is soon ruined by strangers with a different point of view than her.

Konstantina Vanikiotis  and Karyna Statko








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