Don’t let me go!

The conflict is caused by the two desires contradicting themselves of Anna and Walter. Anna wants to stay with Walter. However, Walter is in denial. Anna says, “I’ll hang on to your knees and make you understand and then you won’t be able to, you won’t be able to.”(84) This shows a side of Anna’s personality as being very desperate to keep someone by her side and willing to do what it takes. She is a person that pretends to be strong and acts hateful, yet deep inside she is very sensitive and attached to Walter. We can see that she tries to put up an act even though losing Walter clearly affects her as she states “You don’t know anything about me. I don’t care any more.” (84) She is very defensive but that is her way of acting when she is hurt. She is very honest, in other words she states exactly what she hates and she is not afraid to do so. Also, she is very brave to confront a man and try to convince him to be with her even if her chances are small and knowing that he hates her: ” … I knew that he felt very strange with me and that he hated me, and it was funny sitting there and talking like that, knowing he hated me” (83).
Before Walter was in her life, Anna felt like she was drowning and when he came in her life it’s as if he saved her from her miserable life. Now that he has chosen to let her go. Anna feels like she fell back into her pain and depression: “ It was like letting go and falling back into water and seeing yourself grinning up through the water.” (84)
Walter says, “I shouldn’t wonder if I got ill with all this worry.” (85)This demonstrates that Walter got tired of Anna. Perhaps, Walter was seeing Anna as her sidechick. He wasn’t emotionally attached to her. He only wanted to satisfy his desires. He tells her, ” I want you to let Vincent come and see you and arrange things.” (84)In other words, Walter is trying to get rid of Anna.

As Anna takes the taxi, she reminisces the small of a house in Marylebone Road: ” The room had smelt musty and through the glass of a window that wouldn’t open you saw dark green trees” (83). This setting possible reflects a room that resides a bunch of prostitutes. The similar disgust that we feel when we walk into a moldy, stuffy and smelly room is described. This hints on her future for she is losing Walter which will change the path of her life…

Jemirille Bajala-Tuazon & Ilyas Mohamed



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