Anna vs. Walter

  1. The conflict comes from Anna wanting a close relationship with Walter and Walter only wants pleasure, he is not looking for a relationship.
  2. ‘I don’t like this room much,’ I said. ‘I rather hate it. Let’s go upstairs.’

He imitated me. ’Let’s go upstairs, let’s go upstairs, let’s go upstairs. You really shock me sometimes, Miss Morgan.’ (76)

Anna acts childish around Walter, she is persisting in wanting something and here she wants the bed upstairs. Walter imitates her in a childish manner which mirrors in an exaggerated way of Anna’s behavior.

  1. “I bet she isn’t; I bet she isn’t any older than Vincent.’ ‘Well, that is old for a woman…” (75)

In this scene, we find it funny because Walter said that it’s okay for a man to be old but for a woman, it isn’t.

‘I was disappointed in Germaine,’ he said. ‘… She was simply kicking up a row because Vincent couldn’t give her all the money she asked for…’ (75)

The subtext in this quotation, is that Walter is referring to Germaine and Vincent to his and Anna’s, hinting that Germaine and Anna both asks for money and he wishes that she stops.

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  2. ‘I don’t like this room much,’ I said. ‘I rather hate it. Let’s go upstairs.’ (76)

We choose that quotation because we know that Anna always looks things in a negative way, she also tends to say what she dislikes.

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  2. “I wasn’t sleepy. I looked out of the window of the taxi. Men were watering the streets and there was a fresh smell, like an animal bathed.”

In this quotation, the comparison between watered streets and an animal bathed refers to the comparison of England and her country because we can’t imagine a bathed animal in England.

Giuseppe Gallo and Hersi Nur




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