The Hero is Not Hard-Boiled


Michelle Jette


One thought on “The Hero is Not Hard-Boiled

  1. You’ve managed to pull this all together really nicely for the final draft. I like how you highlight these three different characters as opposites to Lionel. This is a productive way to illustrate how these secondary characters serve as counterpoints to Lionel. Your ideas are very good, especially in your conclusion where you label Lionel as “not Hard-Boiled.” A very interesting place to get to in your essay.

    You’re not quite following instructions for “mechanics.” Again, this was meant to be posted as a blog post (as are all assignments). You’re also not integrating citations properly. These are areas you’ll want to focus on for next time.

    Most importantly, your ideas are solid and interesting, and you tie everything together nicely in the end. Good work.


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