Young and Promiscuous “#11”


Siobhan McDonagh and Julia Graziani

Question 11 

In this scene, it is the first time Anna was alone with Jefferies in his bedroom. She is acting anxious and nervous,that is how we perceive her age. She describes Jefferies “as cool as a cucumber”(21). She finds him cold towards her, he is much older than her and is more mature. When she feels they were”playing hide -and-seek”,(21) it shows that she is immature and that she is anxious. It also shows that she is much younger than him.

Question 18

In this scene Jefferies had put money under her pillow and she puts it into her handbag. “I was accustomed to it already”,(24) Anna says this because she is accepting that now she has money, while before she was broke. Anna always describes London as a cold and very dark place, now that she has money she feel as though it has heated up and warmed her heart.” Outside it smelt of melted snow”which symbolizes more than just the weather in London, it shows how Anna is starting to warm her heart to London(24).

Question 19

Anna sounds very  promiscuous  when she says ” The skirt was long and tight so that when I moved in it I saw the shape of my thighs”(25).In this scene she is buying a dress from Jefferies money and how she loosely moves in the skirt that shapes her thighs , this could be a foreshadow for her becoming prostitute in the future. Also when she was putting on the dress Anna ” held my arms up and the thin one put on the dress as if I were a doll”(25). When Anna feels like she is a doll, it  indicate to us how she feels men will see her as an object when she becomes a prostitute.


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