Two is Better than One

Question 2:

The waiter and Jeffries both sniffed similarly, which emphasizes they are toffee-nosed and that they think they are more erudite than the other. They both think highly of themselves as they are passively disputing over corked wine, which is a rather absurd issue to Anna. This make her want to say a flippant remark, but she keeps to herself since they seem to be rather paramount issue. They are basically showing off their knowledge: who’s better? She calls them the brothers “Pushmeoftheearth”, which shows that she just wants to “kill herself” because of how ridiculous these two men are acting.

Question 3:

She gives a rather aristocratic feeling to the room when describing it. Everything is red, or pinkish, which contrasts with her always being in black. The textures that are depicted, such as silk and heavy curtains, seem to be things that are found in expensive, upper class places. This tells us that this man does in fact have a lot of money.

Question 4:

She compares a praying man to a blind rabbit, which implies that she does not take religion seriously and does not really believe in God. She does not support praying to a superior being and she is trying to say to those who pray to a God are oblivious about the world.

Question 5:

This passage really shows that Jeffries is well-off and does not mind demonstrating this aspect of himself. The fact that he thinks she could not survive on that little amount of money tells us what kind of lifestyle he lives. To him, living off that sum of money is impossible since he is used to luxury and always treating himself. This shows how different he and Anna are.

Question 6:

The clothes emphasizes her personality: dark. She feels black and wants to be black, physically and emotionally. She admires the color black and finds comfort in it. She uses this color to express her identity, which is pessimistic.


Savana Di Quinzio & Alexa Nunziato


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