The Masterpiece of Absolute Perfection #15

  1. Anna describes being in her room “like being in a small, dark box” (22).

Ana feels as though she is, “in a small, dark box”(22) and trapped in the horrifying world that is, London. In reality, shes nothing more than a bratty, pessimist that thrives on complaining about everything in her life. How many problems can one have at 18 years of age? This is is what happens when one is naive.

  1. Walter’s observation can reveal symbolic meaning: “You’ve got the loveliest teeth” (19).

Walter is pleasantly surprised that a women like Ana has good oral hygiene given her background and economic status. Clearly, she is of lower social class, the fact that her teeth are to the bourgeois standard is lovely, making a great candidate for reproduction.

  1. When she’s leaving the room with Jeffries, Anna thinks about what her friends might think of her behaviour: “The girls would shriek with laughter if I were to tell them this. Simply shriek” (21).

Preposterous! Refusal to do the the one thing a child bearer is good for, simply ludicrous! Anyone with a sane mind would see this act as absolutely embarrassing and waste of money that could have been spent on a woman with a proper skill set for my unprecedented needs as a MAN.

  1. On the subject of clothes, Anna thinks, “People laugh at girls who are badly dressed. [. . .] And the shop windows sneering and smiling in your face. [. . .] I’ll do anything for good clothes” (22).

Poor little Anna wants nothing more than to fit in with the upper class, however her attire does not fit the part. With a dire want to blend in with the higher class, the way she earns money leaves her in an endless spiral of prostitution. A high class prostitute will never be seen as a high class respectable woman.

  1. The simile that Anna provides while she is being fitted for clothes is worth considering: “I held my arms up and the thin one put on the dress as if I were a doll” (25).









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