seven, *8*, nine

By: Sara Vetere & Jemirille Bajala-Tuazon

8. While Jeffries is kissing Anna, her mind is somewhere else: “all the time he was kissing me I was thinking about the man at that supper-party at the Greyhound” (20).

Anna feels rather self conscious and can’t seem to focus in the moment. While kissing someone who can buy her her hopes and dreams, she reminisces about some unimportant, irrelevant man who is the cause for these insecurities. Despite this pressure, it’s as if it’s an obligation to make Jefferies satisfied and happy, but her feeling giddy makes her stop. Anna needs to realize that her age and self-doubt leads her to be an easy target and this is exactly what men aim for. The less work that needs to be put in, the more satisfying it is for these men.

9. The fact that Anna’s thoughts are in italics while entering the bedroom highlight their importance: “You can now and you can see what it’s like, and why not?” (20).

Anna now has been giving the opportunity to exit this hypothetical world of youth, and with nothing else to lose, she might as well enter this world of explorations. After she gets this over with, her views on the world will be altered. She wants to experience the a change and she craves a sense of opportunity in her life, in hopes of filling in missing pieces of her identity.

10. Anna’s thoughts reveal important aspects of her character. After Jeffries lets her go, she thinks, “I stopped hating him” (20).

Anna tries to put up this front because of how damaged and delicate she is, yet she realizes that she needs this type of affection in her life. She’s never been given this type of attention and love, and deep inside this is what she’s been craving her entire life. This is a typical female reaction of giving into someone and begging them to come back after they’ve already let you go.

11. After she turns down his advances, she says she has a secret feeling, like “when you are playing hide-and-seek” (21).

She feels fearful and nervous because she is afraid of being found vulnerable and defenseless.  She’s hiding in the shadows and is scared to be found.


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