Quattordici (14) BY Steven Colalillo and Anthony Sciola

  1. the girls would be amused at hearing what has developed during this evening between Mr. Walter and the youthful Anna. They would enjoy to hear this and laugh because they did not have intercourse.
  2. After being left alone by Mr. Walter she returned home to lay in bed. Feeling lonely and trapped as if she was in “a small, dark box”.
  3. Anna feels ashamed of her lack of income and wealth. Clothes were an essential part of women’s appearance in that time period and due to the fact that she was underprivileged she could not afford marvelous clothing.
  4. When opening the letter Anna feels distraught to find that Mr. Walter had given her money. Anna thought she had been on “dates” with Mr. Walter but after receiving this money she feels as if he just paid for her ”services”.
  5. As Anna is trying on clothes she feels happy for the first time in a while. She is always used to wearing old clothing and finally has some new lovely clothing.
  6. While wearing her new clothes Anna feels delighted to be wearing her new attire. She is joyful and thus sees the world in a new light that she hasn’t seen before for so long.

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