Number 13 Marcela S. and Amanda C. 


number 13. Task one

Anna is in the stage of her life where she tries to find her identity. All over the novel we readers follow her path towards her self-discovery. In this specific scene we witness how Anna’s perception of outside world changes based on her inner monologue. She feels cold and emotionless inside, and it is reflected on her thoughts on outer surroundings.

number 21

In this scene we believe that Anna is comparing England with people that  surround her. She has specific expectations from people that she meets, she expects them to be nice and polite to her therefore she is not like that towards others. Nevertheless, her attempts to build a relationship with individuals she catches negativity in people, she sees only “the dirt swept under the bed”.

number 1

The significance of wearing black in psychology  for teenagers was found to be a sign of progression from childhood to adulthood. Anna is in the stage of her developments where she is trying to discover her identity while she hides from the world by wearing black.


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