Le number 9 par Melvin and Karyna


When Anna states this to Jeffries, she is implies that she wants Jeffries to take control of her body. She leads Jeffries into her desire to act in a deeper sexual interaction.


Before her revelation, the sexual tension grew stronger. Nevertheless, it became too much for Anna. The gender roles of men being in control of situations pushed Anna into a meltdown. After breaking from her trance, her true deep emotions for Walter surfaces.


Once Anna finds herself alone, she instills herself in a moment of deep thinking. Anna engages in playing hide and seek with her identity. She projects one part to the world, while trying to discovers other parts of herself.


Referring to our previous analysis, Anna is discovering new parts of her identity that she has never explored. The act of seducing a man is something she has never done in the past. The realization took the form of an out-of-body experience.


This quotes is a personification. Fire can be perceived as her lingering desire for Jeffries.


Anna’s friends would shriek due to her turning down the advances. Maudie, more specifically has taught her what to do and how to take advantage of men. However, when Anna assumed that position of power, she backed down due to fear and society’s gender role.


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