Inquiry of the Seventh Quote

Michelle Jette and Claudia Keurdjekian

#1: Jeffries indicating Anna’s black clothing is a symbol of how her clothing reflects her disposition. Including that she is not a woman of riches and consistently wearing the same attire.

#5: When Anna reveals her income, through Jeffries perspective he sees her as very poor and takes pity on her. This can also be an example of him seeing himself as superior to her and her status.

#6: In this line, it is implied that men like black, dull clothing because it is a sign of vulnerability and weakness that they could take advantage of.

#7: The supposed denotation of Walter complementing her teeth was to scrutinize her value as a woman but simultaneously seeing himself as above her.

#16: Anna’s observation about her clothes can be seen as her wanting a better life. If her black clothes represent her depression, than better clothes would mean better health. “And the shop windows sneering and smiling in your face.” is also representational of people around her telling her to be happier and better than she is. She also claims that she would do anything for better clothes, hinting at the prostitution and self-exploitation that she will endure later on for better clothes/better life.

#19: This simile contrasting Anna and a doll symbolizes her stride to be perfect and clean along with the influence of others trying to shape her worldview and attitude towards the world around her. Her standing there taking it lifelessly is almost like society assembling her.

#22: Anna perceives white as being sneering and cold while black is warm and comforting. She relates Francine to blackness along with her home country but when she moves to England whiteness is discriminating and insults her identity told by the people around her. Although on another spectrum her black clothes also show depression and self-loathing.



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