Black is my happy color (quote #6) by Andrew Augoustis and Alex Vincelli

P 19 #6

While talking to jeffries about clothes, we learn a few things about Annas character. We believe that she day dreamed about a quote that could represent her identity. She often reads novels and connects herself with characters she reads about. We see that she is unsure about who she really is and finds other means to seek approval. She describes before that Jeffries is dressed so nicely and She describes herself as wearing some plane black clothing. This can represent the difference in social class between them. She says how men are delighted by this plane black color, meaning that men are searching for woman who are maybe insecure and vulnerable. We get the feeling for this from the first time Anna meets Jeffies and he thought she was way younger than 18.

P19 #7

Walters says that she has lovely teeth. Clearly this is an unusual statement to make and it is usually made when there is nothing really else to talk about. What is understood from the passage is that Walters is trying to seduce Anna by complementing her, which any person would love to hear. Since Walters could not compliment her clothing he was trying to soften the mood before he leaned in to kiss her.

P20 # 8

We understand from this passage that she has been with another man in the past. The fact that shes thinking of another man who showed her how to kiss could represent how shes easily taken advantage of. She constantly has this sort of dry attitude towards men and fails to accept the affection they give her. Since she is also inexperienced, she is very open and not understanding of the way men try to persuade her to bed.

p20 #9

The fact that her thoughts are in italics add a serious effect to this line. She is contradicting herself by asking herself if she is ready to go to bed with Walters or not. It is still unclear to Anna about who she really is and being a virgin would represent her purity. Since the man thought she was younger he was obviously looking for a “pure” woman to seduce. Anna is basically giving it one more thought before she goes to see the bedroom.




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