Ambiguous Number 4

Nadav Sarid

Natacha Colimon


Voyage in the dark, chapter 2. Lets get pretentious



  1. “Just like a rabbit, she was, like a blind rabbit.” 19 Anna is explaining the physical appearance of a rabbit but also references to the blindness of a praying man. She clearly does not believe in god and looks down upon those who do. I believe that since she is comparing a praying man to a blind rabbit she infers to the fact that some one who believes in a god is blind to the reality surrounding themselves.


  1. Jefferey comes out with a snarky comment. He attacks the amount she is earning and is clearly looking down on her. Attacking her like this can affect her self esteem and comes off as derogatory mescaline asshole. Jeffery’s snarky and condescending comment suggest that he believes that Anna cannot take care of her self and needs a strong man to do this.


  1. Prior to reading this snippet of the novel we know that Anna has a deep admiration for the color black. She makes references to how she believes that wearing the color black is an empowering color that captivates the attention of men. Clothes can epitomize a persons personality they help a person express there creativity, it can also be considered a self expression. We believe that Anna loving the color black and dressing in primarily black conveys a deep yearning for her desire to be a black human being.


  1. England is specifically known for their shitty teeth. Civilian’s mouths are an absolute disaster. Walter’s remark towards Anna’s perfect smile can be taken as a subtle way of expressing his belief that she is not originally British.

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