(21) Pretentious Much?

By Hersi Nur and Mikaela Cuaycong

21. Once again, we get a glimpse into Anna’s inner monologue; “This is England, and I’m in a nice, clean English room, with all the dirt swept under the bed” (27).

Anna everlastingly envisions herself in a reverie-that subsisting in England is merely a castle in the air. She does not delight in being alive in England and would alternately come back to her country of origin. Howbeit, a 3am speculation turns up her mind. She now realizes this is verisimilitude-that being in England is now her actuality.

  1. Our impression of Anna’s sense of her own identity is complicated when she tells us, “I wanted to be black. I always wanted to be black” (27).

Anna discerns non-black people wicked and wretched, while black folks, sparkling and merry. Accordingly, she desires to be black for the sole purpose of being blissful.

  1. When they are out of dinner, Jeffries asks Anna, “Do you always wear black?” (17).

Since Anna’s complexion is alabaster and she thirsts for tons of melanin in her dermis, she attempts to imitate black people by putting on dark clothes.

  1. Anna’s description of the waiter and Jeffries reveals her attitude: “Their noses were exactly alike, their faces very solemn. The Brothers Slick and Slack, the Brothers Pushmeofftheearth” (17-18).

Anna is prone to comparing beings and places. She would compare England to her home country, she would compare herself to other ladies who have fancy clothes, and now she compares the waiter and Jeffries to cartoon characters.



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