Your past can be your enemy

Warmup exercise: Interview

  1. What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film?

Why do you think Lionel is such a compelling character? The reason I believe that Lionel is a compelling character in the novel is because he has the same characterization of ordinary people. However, for him it is more obvious. He shows many familiar human behaviour. Lionel wants to be accepted and loved. Also, he is in a self-discovery quest. This describes many people. In life, most people don’t know what they want. Also, due to his disorder, Lionel pulls himself down.

  1. What’s one thing you hope people will take away from your film version of Motherless Brooklyn

If I were to do a film version of Motherless Brooklyn I would try to convey a strong message to the audience. We learn with Lionel that even though he suffers from a disease, it didn’t impede him from completing the riddle. He went toward the most difficult with his disease. People underestimated what he could have done. And this a good moral in the story. You should always strive for your goal no matter what is pulling you down. Everyone is capable of doing anything that want even though they have barriers in his life. Lionel demonstrated courage and that you can pass a barrier no matter what.

Task one

Main Idea (thesis statement?). Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn demonstrates a character, Lionel that lost his point of guidance. He thinks that he is looking for the killer of his mentor, Frank Minna, but little does he knows, he is in a quest of self-discovery. However, his mentor was only an impostor and wasn’t the ideal guider.

  • The protagonist: An ordinary, troubled human being.
  • The goal of the protagonist: A troubled human being that wants to satisfy his guilt. However, the only thing that can satisfy him is finding his true self.
  • The antagonist: An ordinary, troubled human being that has to deal with his present person. He is becoming a new person, but his past him is preventing him. It because of his past that he is not well. (I don’t know how to phrase this but I am trying to say is that people from his past like Rockaforte, Frank, Tony, Julia are there preventing the protagonist of accomplishing his goal. So basically his past is the main antagonist).

Ilyas Mohamed


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