Who is Lionel

Alexa Nunziato

The Warm-up exercise

  1. My version of Motherless Brooklyn focuses on Lionel’s tics, and not the mystery itself. The mystery in the book is on Frank Minna’s killing, where as in my essay, the mystery is Lionel’s tics. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages that Lionel’s tics present to him. I discuss how these tics affect his everyday life, how they take away from his opportunities and present new ones at the same time. It stops Lionel from having the interactions he wants with other people, but benefits him from train initiate in this crime since people don’t take him seriously.
  2. It is difficult to focus on one main aspect without drifting too much int the path of another topic. I needed to pick a topic that I would be able to support and elaborate and argue throughout this entire essay. I needed scenes, and moments, and interactions that would prove how unique and important his Tourettes is.
  3. Lionel is so compelling because we can relate to him. we can relate to his lack of love, or need for love. It is a universal human characteristic to want to be loved and cared for and we can relate to Lionel’s desires. Not only does Lionel struggle, but he does something about it. It is like he is aware of what needs to get done before he can become at peace with himself: Deal with the crime. We can also related to him on the emotional level as he feels guilty for the death of Frank Minna. We usually tend to feel guilty sometimes when things aren’t necessarily out fault. As cheesy as it may sound, we all struggle to feel like we belong.
  4. I hope people will realize what difference can bring to you, and that nothing comes easy. Before even being able to love someone properly, you need to love yourself. Lionel learns to love himself and accept himself by solving t his mystery on his own, by finding his identity and independence. And I hope to highlight that importance in my essay. I feel like I’m being redundant and I don’t really know what to say, right now. but like I think I have my main idea down. I just need to try not to sound too cheesy about it. I cant stop typing but Im running out of words to say, I think and know Lionel is a very special and interesting character. It is too bad that he self loathes himself, hates himself. It seems that by the end of the novel he stops wanting to be someone else and accepts that he is himself, but we don’t really know. We just hope. As we would hope for anyone in this world, our friends, family, and ourselves. I cant stop typing but I have a headache probably because It is really early in the morning.

Task 1

  1. A extraordinaire man who can’t control his words. His mind has its own brain, yet he’s a detective with Tourette’s.
  2. A man with Tourette’s, and underdog, an outcast, and a loner needs to find himself. He needs to love himself. He does this through trying to find people to love, by being so determined to solve this crime. And by being independent in this big New York scary world.
  3. The antagonist is Lionel himself. The main conflict in this novel is Lionel’s inner conflict, with himself. He has to deal with the obstacle the Tourette’s has brought upon his life up until this point in the novel. Lionel’s Tourettic mind is an obstacle, he needs to learnt to either have more control over it, or to accept it and make the best of it.
  4. When Tourette’s takes over Lionel Essrog’s world, he needs to learn to cope and build his own self-confidence, or else he will never love himself, or anyone.
  5. – Why does Lionel throw away Frank Minna’s watch, wallet, and his shoe into the ocean? Does that means he is free?
  • How does Kimmery actually feel about Lionel?
  • Why does the Gerard nod at the giant when the giant goes to beat up Lionel and walks out of the Zendo?
  • Why was Lionel actually recruited by Frank Minna to become a Minna man?

6. Lionel needs to find himself. His Tourette’s has turned Lionel into a self-loathing character. Lionel has no love for himself, he has no confidence. After his father-figure’s death, he feels the need to take on a role as his successor, to complete his last task in order to find himself and let go of the person he wishes to be. He forces himself to come to terms with his disease by solving the mystery, and therefore getting rid of his feelings of guilt, and hence learning to find his own identity.

7. Lionel finds himself within his own world of Tourette’s in order to no longer be victim by his own disease.

8. Lionel is stuck in his world, and in order to find his place in the real world, he needs to create his own identity.


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