Who are you truly?

1: My version of Motherless Brooklyn is more about finding self-identity. It is a universal truth that is applied to everyone and I believe we all can relate to it. In this novel, it is evident that Lionel suffers from self-identity, however if we pay close attention, we notice that all the characters do. Each and every one of them are acting someone who they are not. For example, Frank Minna, for years he has hidden the truth to the Minna Men. They saw him as someone admirable, strong and reliable. Except the way he was perceived was a lie. He had his flaws and sooner or later it came to the truth that he was simply a thief. He has always used the boys to his advantage and that removes some sense of “nice guy” that we thought he was. He was just like Matricardi and Rockaforte, using others for their own desires.


2: Some challenges that I encounter regarding the adaptation of this novel into a film consists of representing all the little details that describe Lionel as he is. There is many in the novel to take account for, therefore it is difficult to summarize it all into one movie because every scene consist of important information on Lionel and that is what allows us to see his changes. Being attached to the character is one of the main goals to get the audience interested and to make them feel the emotions…

3: I believe Lionel is a very compelling character that is easily to get attached to because we know his emotions and thoughts inside out. We know them better than those who surround him.  Therefore, we are aware that despite his condition, he is truly just like all of us. He possesses the same desires and have the same feelings. So, we feel sad for him that he is treated differently when he is more similar to them than what they think. He’s a complicated character that possesses these weird compulsions, but that is out of control. If he wanted to, he would want to stop them and that’s why we sympathize with him.

4: In this film, I hope that people will come to realize that those who suffer from a disorder or a condition are not any different than we are. We are all human so we should treat another otherwise. Everyone is facing their own struggles and we truly don’t know what may be happening underneath. We shouldn’t judge anyone and assume their stories…


Parts of my essay:

  • He was the person to fill out a missing piece of his identity.
  • he lost a part of himself
  • He wants to prove that he is capable of taking the situation in hand despite his condition.
  • As much as he tried to be like Minna, he was pushed to just being himself
  • With Frank gone, it was as if they didn’t have to pretend anymore to be something they are not

An innocent orphan must prove to himself that he is a worthy detective while dealing with his own insecurities.

When Frank dies, an innocent orphan is left to prove himself a worthy detective by solving Minna’s murder or he would continue to live in his shadows.

  • Why does Lionel need to prove that he is a worthy detective?

It is his only way to face his insecurities and to be the detective he always wanted to be.

  • Why is Lionel so insecure?

People do not believe in him and always look down on him.

  • What is his insecurity?

Bailey, his Tourettic self.

  • How does he get over his insecurity?

While solving the murder, he is able to become something more than his tics, more than what Frank saw in him. He turns into a confident and independent detective embracing his insecurity because the is more than just his Tourette’s.

An insecure orphan put himself up to the challenge in taking his own first investigation case to solve his  Frank Minna’s murder. He prove that he is a valuable detective and is able to be something greater than his Tourette’s and what everyone’s expects.




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