searching for main ideas

Warm-up: interview


  • The hard part about adapting this novel into a film is portraying Lionel in the right light. Finding the right actor to play his role could make or break the movie. Although the secondary characters are still important they need to challenge Lionel.
  • I hope people will see that this film is more than just about mental health but about being lost, confused, vulnerable and lonely.
  • Lionel goes through a series of transformations in the book and I think he’s such a compelling character because he is witnessing things for the first time really. The world is so fresh and it is interesting to see how he understands it.
  • Mine would try and exactly represent the novel and its most important ideas by trying to include all the proper facts. Obviously it would be a little different because it would need to be more appealing for an audience. You want the audience not to feel like they’re re-reading the book but living through it.


Task One:

  1. An innocent, vulnerable, and confused man
  2. An innocent man trying to grasp the way the world works
  3. An innocent man trying to grasp the way the world works being held back by his inexperienced life.
  4. When the world starts to unfold, an innocent man must grasp the way it works or fall victim to his own inexperience.

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