Warm up exercise 

My version of  Motherless Brooklyn would be based definitely on Lionel, and his personality. He is such a complex character, and I think that he has so many things to say, and a inner world that is worth to be explored. If I would have been a psychologist would like to have him as client, because he needs a boost and support to realize hos potential. I would like to help him acknowledge that his disorder is not what defines him and he should not identify with. Self-acknowledging who he really is will help Lionel go through life easier, and with much more confidence than he does now.

I hope that people will like Lionel as much as I do, and I also hope that viewers will realize that in order to be happy, and ready to explore the world, first we should understand ourselves, and not let our external characteristics  define who we really are. In Russian there is a saying that says: “People will greet you by the way you are dressed, but they will say goodbye by the way you think.” Humans are too preoccupied to leave a good first impression when in fact this is not the most important.     

Log line 

A wondering soul that get confused by the coldness of his outer world.

When the foundation of the wondering soul has collapsed, he had to gather the pieces of the inner piece of his true being.

  1. Who is Bailey, and what is his role in Lionel’s life?
  2. Guilt or vengeance which feeling overwhelms Lionel?
  3. Why Kimmery did not want to continue the relationship with Lionel?
  4. How does our past impacts who we are?

The wandering soul standing all alone on the edge of the cliff. Thousands of thoughts going through his mind, will he change his past and freely move into the future, and turn the page, and leave it behind. But, how to deal with guilt and vengeance without touching the past?


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