Practice makes perfect


Warmup exercise: Interview

  1. My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about how Lionel is a compelling character and what makes him so interesting. His tics, his laughter and his way of maturity.
  2. Some minor challenges were finding who can play him but some major ones were which aspects needed to be acted properly by the main character. Wording my ideas of how the scene will take place and how he will need to act was also somewhat of a challenge.
  3. Lionel is such a compelling character for 3 reasons. First his tics but mostly of how he learns to grow with his tics and how he tics. Second, his laughter he always seems to have thought out the book with Frank and alone. Lastly, the way he grows thought the book especially after Frank dies.
  4. My film focuses on the way Lionel is going to be played. Those 3 reasons why he is compelling is what is going to be focused on because that what’s going to make or break the film.


#1-Firstly, as a main character Lionel’s most compelling aspect is his tics, but mostly what are his tics made of and how he manages them.

This helps him grow and gain maturity due to Minna’s death.

Another compelling feature that Lionel shed throughout the book is his way with jokes and laughter.

#2- Logline:  An uncertain detective must put the pieces together to this murder case by using his humour, his tics and the skills he has learned from Frank Minna.

#3- When the tragic death of Frank Minna, detective Essrog must crack the case of who killed his best friend, or else Lionel will not be able to grow up.

#4- Why does Lionel find Frank’s killer?

Why doesn’t Lionel fight for his love?


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