October 6 Lab






  1. Motherless Brooklyn is about a detective trying to avenge his good friend’s death while going through the process of solving the murder case the  main character also goes through some inner conflicts he needs to battle with while solving this case.

2. what would be challenging is the fact that the book is told as a narration. It would make the movie rather boring if the whole movie is narrated through the main characters thoughts throughout the whole film.



  1. in my draft i talk about Lionel closing a gap between himself so maybe i can make this essay about “does Lionel ultimately close the cap between himself while solving the main conflict of the story on his own.”


3. A goofy detective is tying to solve his bosses death, while doing so he suffers through inner conflicts that he must overcome in order solve the murder case.


4. When Frank Minna is killed, Lionel Essrog must become a lead detective for the first time in his life and avenge his bosses death or else the unsolved case will always remain a mystery.

5.      How did Lionel solve the case ?

who was Frank Minna’s killer?

what did Lionel learn about Frank?

why did Lionel want to solve Frank’s murder ?


6. Lionel wanted to avenge his good friend and bosses murder because he was like a father to him and all Lionel really had. throughout his search for Justice he learns that Frank wasn’t so clean after all an was involved in some dirty business. we later find out that it was Frank’s own brother Gerard that ordered the hit to kill him. Lionel solves the case by interrogating many suspects and then finally putting everything into perspective, more specifically his interaction with Julia at the dock confirmed his information on who killed Frank.


7. Lionel wants to avenge his bosses murder and in doing so finds out his boss was crooked. He finds out that Frank’s brother ordered a hit on his brother, Lionel finds this out through great detective work which consists of various interrogation of suspects and following his sources.



Anthony Sciola





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