October 6 Lab

Warm up:

1.What is your version of Motherless Brooklyn about?

Motherless Brooklyn for me will be about making sure that certain scene stand out more than others. Spending a lot of time on scenes that involve Lionel either growing or making an important discovery. I believe that this is Lionel’s book and he deserves to be the main focus of the entire story. He is a character that’s difficult to understand yet so relatable if that makes any sense.

2.What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film?

First off, any novel is hard to adapt in a movie. Every time I read a book and then watch the movie I’m disappointed. Not because the movie was bad, but because there were feelings and emotions that just couldn’t be expressed through a screen. Motherless Brooklyn will be difficult to adapt in a film because of its complexity and presence of a second meaning throughout the story line. Because Lionel has Tourette’s, what he says during his Tourrettic outbursts are sometimes reflections of what and how he’s feeling or thinking. Most of the time, the interesting things are said in his head, therefore not audible to an audience who is watching. It will be extremely difficult to give justice to Lionel’s character and showcase him as the genius he actually is without losing the audience. It will also be difficult to not offend anyone who is watching this movie. Someone who has strong feelings about Tourrette’s may not agree with some of the lines in the script for example Frank calling Lionel a “freakshow” or any other insult the rest of the character’s throw his way. We need to make sure that we make it clear that it isn’t an attack or a parody of any sort, but a feeling of admiration for his perseverance and intelligence.

Task One: Log Line

1.“I believe that a few key scenes, featuring the main character are what the move should be all about.”

Protagonist: a troubled member of the Minna Men

Goal of the protagonist:has to take matters into his own hands

Antagonist: after his life has gone from safety and familiarity to complete and utter disaster.

“A troubled member of the Minna Men has to take matters into his own hands after his life has gone from safety and familiarity to complete and utter disaster.”

4 questions

How does Lionel get closure? ( By solving the murder of Frank Minna and by accepting his insecurities)

Why did Frank Minna get murder and by who? What are some of Lionel’s insecurities?

Konstantina Vanikiotis


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