Murder on the river Hudson.

Thomas Leclaire


Warm up

Motherless Brooklyn the movie is about a detective who is uncomfortable with who he is. It shows both Lionel’s evolution and his inability to change throughout the novel while focusing on the classical detective genre.

As with adapting any novel into a movie scenes must be cut out in order to not have a four hour movie. With Motherless Brooklyn, some vague hints will have to be added to certain scenes so that original scenes that presented those hints can be cut out. We do not want to give away the mystery to easily as well so the hints will have to be cleverly added to those scenes.

Lionel is easy to relate to, even though he has Tourette’s he is struggling with other things such as love companionship and friendship, and who isn’t looking for that. Everyone can relate to Lionel on a different level meaning that most people will have an interest in the film.

I hope that people will look at the film a see a relatable character that they can connect to and feel something for. Because of Lionel’s relatability and the fact that all of us feel there is someone we need to protect it should be easy for people to like this movie.


Log Lines

Italian and Japanese Mobsters set off a chain reaction that cause a Tourettic Detective to face who he really is.

When you must face your own criticism how do you react?

When push comes to shove how do you face your fathers killer?

Really the detective has Tourette’s.

What’s so dark about Brooklyn?

Murder on the river Hudson.



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