Motherless Brooklyn Logline

Warm-up exercise

My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about Lionel and all the obstacles he overcomes to finally reach his goal of finding out who killed Minna but also getting revenge on said person.

Some of the challenges that may occur while trying to adopt this novel into a film would by capturing all the different nuances of Lionel. Leaving one personality trait out of the film that Lionel possesses may change how the audience views him.

Lionel is a very compelling character in my opinion. One of the reasons why is he is very human and it makes him relatable. He also makes you want to cheer for him and be able to get everything he wants. Even in the end of the novel when he sets up the death of Gerard it doesn’t turn you off of Lionel. We were able to see his struggle and love for Frank Minna and so it was almost a sigh of relief that he was able to avenge Minnas death because it was something he really wanted to do and we want Lionel to get what he wants.

I hope that people will take away from my version of Motherless Brooklyn that if you put your mind to something not obstacle can stop you. No matter if you have a physical disability or anything else you can make it happen. Believe in yourself and go for it.

Task One Logline

3) A wannabe detective who tries to solve the murder of his mentor and father figure.

4) When his father figure is killed the wannabe detective must find his killer or else live with the guilt forever.


5) A) How was Lionel able to get his revenge for Frank’s death? He called people who were after Gerard and told them where he was hiding.

  1. b) How does Lionel find Franks killer? He investigates the killing and traces it back to Franks own brother.
  2. C) Why does Lionel feel responsible for Frank’s death? He was on stakeout listening to Frank have a conversation with his killer and could not prevent it.
  3. d) What happened to Frank Minna? He was killed

6) When Frank Minna is killed Lionel feels responsible for letting this happen while watching him on a stakeout. So he investigates the killing and finds out who the killer is. He then precedes in getting his revenge on the killer.


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