Misleading Essrog

Nadav Sarid

English Lab

Lab 6


Warm up:interview


  1. My version of motherless Brooklyn right now is one that surrounds Lionel’s specific characteristics. Obviously the book originally shows Lionel and his ticks and his characteristics however in my essay I am trying to show more specific characteristics of Lionel and how he is more then what the books shows him as.
  2. This is not a classic Script to transfer into a movie, Lionels character is one that is tricky to show in movie, his ticks may be easy to display however his thoughts are not. The majority of the book is narrated, by Lionel sowe are given an insight into his thoughts, it is significantly more challenging to do this is in a movie.
  3. His character is very compelling because he is far from the regular character that we normally see in as the main character of a book. Lionel kept the story interesting throughout the entirety of the Novel, so showing him in a movie would be for entertaining.
  4. I hope that a aspect that will be taken away from my version of motherless Brooklyn will be the evolution of Lionel turning into a man. In that sense I mean how we see Lionel almost grow from the man who does what he is told by others, to the man who makes his own decision and does not follow others. He became more independent and strong once Mina died because he was so determined to find his killer. 4cAhahahahahahahahahahah what else am I supposed to right nooo sir why are you still making me type, I have nothing else to say about this novel or my dumb essay, shit what another 60 seconds commmmmon sir. This is crazy I am littereally typing nothing.



Task one: Log line



Protagonist: Lionel Essrog a true New Yorker embarking on a mission with no definite ending…and a Tourretic detective.


The goal of the protagonist: Looking within himself Lionel struggles emotionally to come to grimes with fact that his boss and mentor has been murdered and seeks for the killer. He struggles with the fact that not many others and in turn he hates him self for it.


The antagonist: Lionel fights with him self throughout the novel about his Tourette’s. He allows this disability to take over his mind at all times, even when the disability does not impact him he is still consciously thinking about it.


4) When Frank Mina is murdered Lionel Essrog must look within him self and the town of Brooklyn to find the killer or the killer will escape free.



  • Why did Lionel throw Frank Mina’s watch into the ocean?
  • Why did Kimmerly not want to pursue a relationship with Lionel?
  • Why did Frank Mina want Lionel apart of the Mina men?
  • Why did Lionels parents give him up for adoption?


6) “A middle aged man who is a self-hating character on his journey to find his mentors murderer. The journey takes us in places that readers do not expect mostly through the head space of a man with Tourette’s, it’s a view that is not very common yet filled with surprises.”



“A irregular man who struggles battling him self to find who he is”


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