Make a Log line

Warmup exercise: Interview

  1. My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about the men who changes during whole novel. He shows readers his different sided of his character. Actually, he developing most of his changes during talking with other characters. Readers can see that he is changes so much even if he doesn’t realize that.
  2. The big challenge during adaptation this novel into a film is to keep viewers watching the film. How its often happen people start watching it and a little bit later film starts to be so boring, so people just close it or leaving it as it is, if it was in the cinema. You need always catch the attention of the viewers. Your story should be interesting not just to read but also to watch. I am sure that during making a film a lot changes will be happen, but the main idea of the novel should still be in there.
  3. I think Lionel is such a compelling character because he actually seems to be real person. Maybe he was a real person from who this novel was written but we will never know. Lionel’s tics makes him to be special person in his world. He is not as everybody. He finds a lot of challenges during the novel that he should pass to get what he wants. He uses his “in-normality” to do a good things. During whole story we can see that he is changes so much by himself and because of his tics, that make him to be special at this world.

Task one: Log line

“Special” person

“Special” person trying to find a killer

The dialogue makes the readers worry about Lionel and not just this they also make the reader smile and laugh during the story. Dialogue make us “feel” a dramatic irony in this novel. We can be closer to the characters and we can see what Lionel doesn’t see. Dialogues make an inside joke, hat make us feel intimacy.

Dialogue as dramatic irony that makes us closer with Lionel.

Task Two: Forget about the logline

Dialogues that make us feel closer to Lionel by making us smile and laugh.

Dramatic irony by using dialogues .


Karyna Statko




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