Why does Lionel lose Frank?: Because he gets killed in a sketchy meet up

What effect does this have on Lionel?: He becomes distraught and confused over his death.

What does he do about it?: Starts going out to kick ass! Or more polite interrogation with a dash of aggressive

What’s his greatest obstacle?: The untrustworthy supporting and secondary characters are not to be trusted with their information and intentions, making the real truth hard to find.

Logline 2?: Lionel Essrog, a detective with a unique twist searches for the killer of his superior. He searches for the killer vigorously but doesn’t really know where or how or else he’ll never know. (That’ll make it long enough for a novel, right?)

Logline 2.3/4: Lionel, an intrinsic searcher of justice, had his boss killed, so he makes a hard-boiled attempt at solving the case. But the sleezyness of the other characters make it hard to crack the case.

Logline 2.9999: Some guy that talks and acts funny looses his caretaker due to a tiny cut in his stomach area. That guy stumbles about looking for the boogie man that made the caretaker limp and unresponsive. He searched, but nobody really makes too much sense, so he just has to figure it out himself, with mediocre results, minus a shoe.

Logline 666: Pending? (Get it? 666? Pentagram = Pending)

Logline 0010010010: ERROR NOT FOUND


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