Logline Exercise

1.My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about Lionel Essrogs self-conflict throughout the novel.

2.The challenges for adapting this novel into a screenplay would be finding a way in order to show Lionel’s inner conflict. For example, if we were going to be discussing his thoughts and the way he perceives himself we would need to cut to different scenes or have a voice over.

3. I believe Lionel is such a compelling character because he speaks to the insecurities that lie within all of us. Also he is a good representation of what people with mental and physical illness must deal with on a regular basis. He seems to be the voice for many of us.

4.One thing I hope people will take away from my film version of Motherless Brooklyn is understanding the struggle of being the outcast and the impacts it can have on someones life.

Exercise 1:

3. A detective struggling through his Tourette’s in order to find the killer of his adoptive father figure.





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