log line lab

Interview exercise

  1. In my opinion my version of motherless Brooklyn is about how someone can change drastically in such a short period of time.
  2. Throughout the novel there are many different scenes that have so many different emotions in them. It be very difficult to express them all in a movie but if it’s done properly it can be the main reason for the movies success.
  3. Lionel is a very compelling character because he is not like the usual perfect hardboiled detective we usual see in movies. His tics and actions throughout the novel demonstrate that just like us he is not perfect and I believe this is one of the aspects that captivate most people when reading the novel.
  4. I hope by the end of the film people understand that he is not the same Lionel that we were introduced to in the opening scene. I don’t want to spoil to much but in the end if you read between the lines, I believe and would like the readers to believe that Lionel truly did get what he wanted.



A childish detective must develop into a true detective to find who killed his boss and get what he truly wants by accepting himself.


When Frank Minna is murdered, Lionel Essrog must discover who committed the crime or else Lionel will feel guilty and responsible for franks death.


How can Lionel get what he wants? (he must change during the novel and become more independent)

Why does Lionel through objects into the ocean? (He finally finds closure with the case)

Why is Lionel attracted to Kimmery? (He finally finds someone who does not see him as a freak)

Why does Lionel not answer many of the detective’s questions during the first interrogation? (He adopts frank minnas personality to psychologically try keeping him alive.)


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