Lab Work

Warm up Exercise 

I think the challenges in adapting this novel into a film are getting Lionel’s full side of things, as in the book, since Lionel is the main character and his changes in character of who he is is what helps create a certain vibe in this book. Without having Lionel’s background and perspective, then the film will be completely different from the novel. Lionel is such a compelling character because the readers learn from him, and his changes, where he builds his own character and personality with being independent, which make the readers feel set on rooting for him. The readers want to know what he’ll do next, since he’s such a dynamic character so much is going on with him that keeps not only the story line interesting, but also wanting us to know more about his life and what the outcome of his life will be. For example, when Kimmery and Lionel slept together, after that he know that he really liked her, which makes the readers want to know if he’ll have a soulmate, someone to love him like he loves them. someone to come home to, and maybe start a normal life and not a life of being a detective. I really hope that the one thing people will take as advice in my film version of the book is having a background speaker, like a narrator in film, to tell the people watching the movie about how Lionel’s is feeling and what his thought are, because Lionel’s thoughts were what gave meat to the story and helped develop the idea or plot in any way Lionel is feeling, the readers are feeling. When Lionel is sad and annoying about his Tourette’s, we feel pity for him.

Task One

I wrote in my essay how “…the most confusing scenes tend to be the most important scenes” and how Lionel, the main character, “undergoes changes within him.” One of the main confusing scenes, I believe was at the very beginning where Frank was killed and did not want to share his knowledge with Lionel and Gilbert of who was behind this, which gave Lionel a whole purpose in finding Frank’s killer; finding Frank’s secret. Frank was the one who gave Lionel his identity, for example he gave Lionel a book about his Tourette syndrome and that was the first time ever that Lionel had discovered what he had. Therefore, as Lionel discovers more about the secret behind Frank’s life, he also learns to accept himself. The more he learn about Frank, someone who gave his identity, the more he learns about accepting his identity. Therefore, at the end of the novel, when Lionel finally discovers the truth about Frank and learns to let go, he discovers the truth about him and how he is just a normal human being and let’s go of his worry and anxiety that has was afraid of always being judged as a “crazyman” or a freak (111).

Protagonist: an obsessive character with a good heart

Goal of protagonist: An obsessive character with a good heart must face reality.

Antagonist: The Tourette’s inside him prevent his good heart to show to others.

Julia Graziani 


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