Lab 6




Warmup exercise: Interview

Answer the following questions based on what you wrote for your rough draft.

What is your version of Motherless Brooklyn about? My version of Motherless Brooklyn is more concentrated on the different characters of the novel. Seing different unexpected sides of each of them.

What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film? The difficulties would definitely be about what to  put in the film adaptation because there are so much in the novel that it is had to make a selection of the most important things.

Why do you think Lionel is such a compelling character?In my opinion, Lionel is a compelling character because he has a lot in his personality. He is different mainly because of his tourette but because of his past as an orphan. He is also seen as vulnerable.

What’s one thing you hope people will take away from your film version of Motherless Brooklyn? I hope that people will keep the scenes I’ve chosen.

Task one: Log line

Protagonist: The burger-addict middle-aged man

The goal of the protagonist:  must obtain his own self-love

The antagonist: after his Tourettic-self rejected it.

  4. Then, try fitting this information into this structure:



When a man who gave Lionel his affection was announced dead, a burger-addict middle-aged man must obtain his own self-love in order to thrives or else he will stay unhappy for the rest of his days.

 5. Ask 4 questions about the story of [the novel] starting from the end and working your way to the beginning.

Why did Lionel threw his belongings into the sea?

How did Lionel arrived to the Maine ?

How is Fujisaki, Matricardi and Rockaforte involved in Lionel quest ?

What were Lionel and Gilbert doing outside of a Zendo ?



Amanda Ging Sze Chan








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