Warm up Exercise =

1)My version of Motherless Brooklyn is how Lionel’s tics act as a secondary character. I find Lionel’s tics can be seen as a s secondary character because he believes that they have a mind of their own. I think that his tics are the main reason this novel is so interesting. The way he interacts with people shows how at times, his tics can be seen as their own character.

2) If we were to put this novel into a screen play, the main challenge would be his inner thoughts on how his tics build up.  His tics. Most of the time his tics begin in his mind and when your’re making a film, you can’t really describe whats going on in his mind . So, completely understanding what his tics make him feel and why they make him act that way would be difficult.

3)Lionel is such a compelling character because he is so smart.


Exercise 1) 

Lionel is ” A genuine Detective”

Lionel is ” A genuine Detective” who is trying to find acceptance.

Lionel is ” A genuine Detective” who is trying to find acceptance but is tics are restricting him.

When Lionel, an genuine detective wants to find acceptance, he finds it difficult because his tics are restricting him.


Question 1)Why does Lionel finally throw away all of Minna’s stuff into the river?

Question 2) How does Lionel connect with Kimmery?

Question 3) How does Lionel interact with tony and the other Minna men after frank’s death?

Question 4)How does Lionel deal with frank’s death?


Lionel has many interactions with different characters. When Frank Minna, the man who knew him and understood him the most is gone, his journey begins.He must control his secondary character ( his tics) to feel more accepted by others.

Lionel’s secondary character (his tics) are his restriction from meeting his emotion needs; acceptance.


Siobhan McDonagh








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