1. What is your version of Motherless Brooklyn about?
  2. What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film?
  3. Why do you think Lionel is such a compelling character?
  4. What’s one thing you hope people will take away from your film version of Motherless Brooklyn?

My version of Motherless Brooklyn consists of a twist on the classic detective fiction, similar to the book the focus lays on Lionel and how he deals with situations, his reactions, exaggerations, etc. My version of the book will be have a more concrete plot that ends in a mildly satisfying way because after all, its still a movie that needs to appease to some sort of audience therefore, a strong story that forces you to keep watching till the end. Specifically, it is about Lionel’s development as a whole throughout the book, his Tourretic tangents as well as the contrast between his speech and his thoughts.

Lionel is such an compelling character due to his depth. His analytical and compulsive mind due to Tourette’s syndrome give for a lovely twist on anything he will do in the movie. The difficult part will be putting together an effective plot that plays with his personality.



  • The protagonist: An odd ball
  • Think of the most accurate way to describe Lionel according to your draft: Not comfortable in his own skin, seduced by his own compulsions
  • The goal of the protagonist: To overcome the weight that he applies to himself
  • The antagonist: Be comfortable in the fact that not everything can go how you want it to and that is okay. The struggle to come to this mind set.

        4. Then, try fitting this information into this structure:


When an odd ball, seduced by his own compulsions must overcome the weight applied by himself or he will never learn how to live a complete life

An odd ball must undergo a development to overcome the weight applied to him by his own disorder and compulsive mind.

A freak show haunted by his own compulsions, must overcome the struggle to express his beautiful inner emotions which are silenced by his aggressive outbursts.




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