A Little Bit of Tic, a Little Bit of That


  1. My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about
  2. A huge challenge in adapting this novel to film is displaying the complexity of Lionel’s character. Despite him being on all 311 pages, it will be difficult to recreate some of those scenes in film because a lot of them are inner monologue. Unless three quarters of the film will consist of Lionel talking to himself, there will be some vital parts that just may have to be cut out. Or of course I could script some of his inner monologue as verbal dialogue, but that may just be putting to much emphasis on Lionel’s tourrettes and make him seem crazy rather than simply troubled and tic-ridden.
  3. I think Lionel is such a compelling character because he has certain qualities that I think we can all see within ourselves. For example, he is often unable to control what comes out of his mouth and constantly speaks his mind, and then some. Even if you don’t identify as an audacious person who says what you feel, you probably wish that sometimes you were. Despite Lionel’s resentment for himself routed from his tourrette’s syndrome,he is very courageous and goes out every day with his heart on his sleeve.


When a Brooklyn gangster is murdered, his loyal, tourettic staff cannot rest until seeking vengeance on his murderer.


When a Brooklyn gangster is murdered, his twitchy detective puppet must find his murderer, or else he will never be able to live with himself.

Task Two: Logline Mashup

A tourettes-ridden detective’s mission to solve the murder of his boss/role-model’s murder helps him to achieve self-acceptance.

When the murder of a Brooklyn gangster leaves his troubled, tourettic staff to fend for himself, he is able to quench his thirst for self-acceptance and independence while solving the murder.

While solving the murder of his boss and long-time role-model, a socially inept “detective” experiences love, danger, and achieves self-acceptance.

Task Three: Evidence

P. 43->”Tourette’s teaches you what people will ignore and forget, teaches you to see the reality-knitting mechanism people employ to tuck away the intolerable, the incongruous, the disruptive-it teaches you this because you’re the one lobbing the intolerable, incongruous, and disruptive their way.”


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