A breeze of insecurities ?

Warm exercise : Interview

1.What is your version of Motherless Brooklyn about?

My version of Motherless Brooklyn is focused more on Lionel’s character more than the mystery of the murder of Frank Minna . I have focused more on his Tourettic and personal evolution .

2.What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film?

The most difficult part in adapting this novel into a film is to give specific details and try to express in words the unspoken. It is hard to show clearly how his tics have an enormous impact on his everyday life since it affects him psychologically and physically .

3.Why do you think Lionel is such a compelling character?

Lionel is a compelling character because his personality is out of the ordinary . His complex character , is like a surprise box, you never know what is going to happen.Also, I think the most interesting part about his character are his tics.they add much more depth and hint of humorous touch to the tone and also from time to time it switches the situation into a funny one.

4.What’s one thing you hope people will take away from your film version of Motherless Brooklyn?

After reading my  film version of Motherless Brooklyn , I hope that people will have a better understanding of his peculiar character.Also , I hope they will be transported into another dimension when having vocal outbursts can sometimes  be considered as an handicap, however they should see beyond that .They should see a unique and rare human being.

Task one: Log line

Sentence used :

Even with all the efforts that he puts in it, it seems that the protagonist is whacked by the wind of peculiarity, non acceptance, rejection with a breeze of endemic tics in order to attain the highest point of  confidence and self-importance.


  • The protagonist (don’t use their names, just description — for example ‘An alcoholic surgeon…’).Think of the most accurate way to describe Lionel according to your draft. You don’t have to say “A Tourettic Detective”. 

Invisible man, perfectionist,freakshow,

  • The goal of the protagonist (this is usually in line with your 2nd act turning point — ‘An alcoholic surgeon must fight for his job…’). Think of his emotional goals. You don’t need to say “A Tourettic detective must find out who killed his boss…”

Find peace within himself , self-acceptance, avenge his role model

  • The antagonist (and the obstacle of the antagonist — ‘An alcoholic surgeon must fight for his job after a disgruntled patient accuses him of malpractice…’). In this novel, the main antagonist, I think, is something within Lionel himself.

The way he sees himself,impact his tics have on him, his vulnerability

Log line :

An invisible man drifting at the sea of insecurities is waving from far away to the bird of freedom and  self-acceptance.maybe ???? (be careful with imagery , try to be more specific)

An invisible man drifting at the sea of insecurities is observing from far away to the bird of freedom and  self-acceptance.

An invisible man drifting at the sea of insecurities is waving from far away to the savior bird of freedom and  self-acceptance.


When his tics resurface , an invisible man must conquer his his insecurities or else he will not find peace and happiness.

Leila Bencherif




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