Homework for Oct 12 & 13

We get to see each other two days in a row next week! Happy joy.

HW for Wednesday, Oct. 12 (Monday schedule)

Start reading Voyage in the Dark, by Jean Rhys. Read the introduction (it is really helpful in understanding the novel!), and then up to page 49. There will be an in-class reading response on Oct. 12. As long as you read the text carefully, you should be able to easily get a 5/5 on the in-class response. The response will take place during the first ten minutes of class. If you miss it, you miss it.


HW for Thursday, Oct. 13: Create an outline for your final draft

Now that you’ve written your rough draft, and had a chance to think deeper about what main point you’re trying to get across, it’s a good time to write an outline for your final draft.

The purpose of an outline is pretty simple. It’s a way to logically and coherently organize your ideas and your evidence. It’s a way to take a step back and look at a skeleton version of what your final draft will become.

It’s also an effective way to ensure that your final draft is as coherent as possible. In other words, to ensure that your main thread runs throughout your piece.

Basically, you want to do the following:

  • At the top, in one clear sentence, write what the logline or main idea for your paper is.
  • Then, group everything into paragraphs. Each paragraph should include:
  • A list of the citations you will use.
  • Notes about how each citation relates to each other. Are you comparing? Contrasting?
  • Brief notes about what you might say about each citation.

Here is an outline template. Feel free to use this template. Or, if you have a method for creating an outline that you prefer, use that. There’s no set structure you need to follow for the outline. It’s meant to be helpful for you.


It is much easier to create an outline in Word than on WordPress. For this reason, I’m creating an assignment on LEA. Simply upload your outline as a Word or PDF doc onto LEA. 

You’ll be working on your final drafts in the lab. You’ll be rewriting one paragraph from your previous draft. So, come in prepared to write. You must have Motherless Brooklyn, your outline, your rough draft, and any notes. (and an open spirit and open mind)




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