Jim Carrey as Lionel…?


Intro: not yet done

Firstly, as a main character Lionel’s most compelling aspect is his tics, but mostly what are his tics made of and how he manages them. His tics will make this film a success and how you act them out. In the beginning of the novel Lionel expresses that he accepts the fact that he tics and he isn’t “shy” about it. “I’ve got Tourette’s”. (Lethem 1) Lionel clearly states that has Tourette syndrome and explains how he feels about it. HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT IT? He describes the feeling of when he tics and how his mouth won’t quit and his jay muscles beating like a miniature heart under my cheek. (Lethem 1) The Tourette’s that Lionel suffers from isn’t all so serious or that annoying. The first few chapters of the novel when Frank Minna was alive, Lionel’s tics were uncontrollable but also more often and funny. The words he ticked made the readers laugh. “Eat me Mister Dicky- weed” (Lethem 15). Lionel tics where much longer and focused on random things or words which means that when he play the role of Lionel, he will have to really “tic” and not be shy to, act like he can’t control and let loose and try to make people laugh. Lionel’s tics were “mature” towards the end of the book as in people knew Lionel and that he will tic which made people tune out his tics and kind of let his tics fade away. “[His] outbursts, utterances and tapping’s were white noise or static, irritating but tolerated, and finally boring unless they happened to provoke a response from some unsavvy adult, a new or substitute teacher.” (Lethem 83). After talking to Lionel for a while and knowing his syndrome, you will learn accept it and ignore it or help him. Some people might pay attention to it and ask his about it and talk to him about them, simply show interest and he will enjoy that attention. Lionel tics grow thought the novel from hating his tics to accepting them and letting them be. “Tourette’s was my other name, and, like my name, my brain could never leave the words unmolested.”(Lethem 110). He stated of having physical pain by his tics and ended the novel by calming them down. The viewers will have to feel what he goes through therefore the actor has to tic really hard.

Over the course of the story and detective case of Frank’s death, Lionel starts off as a shadow of Frank. He shadowed Frank everywhere he went and just watched in amazement of everything he did as a detective and as a founder of the rental car company. Lionel really enjoyed the Franks company therefore Jim will need to act in amazement whenever he is with Frank. “Minna’s special effect, a running joke embodied” (Lethem 57). When Frank was alive, Lionel observed every step, word and action he did and took notes. Frank was like a Superman to Lionel. After fallowing him for all this time he begins to follow “Minna-ism’s” (Lethem 233), when he exclaims “…the term that would become lodged thereafter in my uppermost tic-echelon: dickweed” (Lethem 76). Lionel will use this in a sense that he could turn to whenever he feels the urge to tic and therefore helping him. As we can see Lionel was never able to shine and show what he is and can do as a person with Tourette syndrome but when Frank has passed, Lionel changed. Lionel knew he had to grow as a person and step up to the plate. The character that plays Lionel will have to show that he matures during the book, show a comparison from the begging to the end, being able to identify the difference from old Lionel to new Lionel. Lionel did just so, he matured and caught the killer and also was able to somewhat control his tics and talk to people without being shy scared. Lionel is cautious with those around him making sure he doesn’t let anything slip even though it’s his new partner showing a sign of maturity. ”I could also seek out the homicide detective, earn his trust, pool my knowledge with him instead on the Men.” (Lethem 94). This helps him grow and gain maturity due to Minna’s death. “A Touretter can also be The Invisible Man” (Lethem 44). Lionel isn’t shy when it comes to his Tourette’s because he learned how to grow with it and dwell with the tics and this is another sign of maturity.

Another compelling feature that Lionel shed throughout the book is his way with jokes and laughter. Lionel’s tics are one part of his jokester style of life. “Eatmebailey” (Lethem 57). Lethem made Lionel’s tics funny just like the one phrase saying eat me or also when he tics with swear words. He made his tics rhyming such as “arbotage, sabotage” (Lethem 30). For us the readers it makes us giggle a little inside just because they rhyme but also they are random. Lionel and Frank loved to joke but Lionel especially loved it. His jokes make him who is and even though not everyone understood them. “You know what I want out of you, Freakshow? Tell me a joke” (Lethem 25). They have a joke contest since Lionel was thirteen years old, just because Frank loved to see Lionel not tic when he tells one (Lethem 25). The jokes that will be told in the movie are going to have to be somewhat highlighted in a sense that the mood of the scene might change or the facial actions of Lionel will be happy. These scenes will have to be on point because they are important scenes and they are a part of Lionel character, it shows that even though Frank is dead, he still held onto the jokes and didn’t give it up and proves jokes are part of him just like when he told the cop “you’re like good cop and bad cop rolled into one” (Lethem 114). Lionel makes the joke about the cop that he’s acting like two different cops in one body and then end the joke saying “yeah, used to be they could afford two different guys. Now with all the budget cuts and shit they’ve got us doing double shifts” (Lethem 14). As a character of Lionel, he has to make his sarcastic remarks obvious so that they viewers can laugh at them as well and not just act confused. Lionel’s jokes in the movie are key to success because it will show what genre of movie it is and it will lighten up the mood of the tics. His tics will also have to be acted properly and funny in the situation that it fits. If the tics is serious act like its serious and vice versa.

Conclusion: Not yet done

Work Cited: Lethem,  Jonathan. Motherless Brooklyn. Vintage Books, 1999

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