Homework for Oct. 6

  1. Carefully read the instructions on how to integrate citations
  • Look at how to format the sentence before a citation.
  • Look at how to  punctuate the beginning and endings of citations.
  • Look at how to handle citations of more than three lines.
  • Look at how to handle dialogue.
  • Work on the citations for your draft. Make sure the sentences before the citations are doing what they are supposed to do.
  • Make sure everything is punctuated and formatted properly.

2. Read this article on how to write the perfect logline.

You can think the main idea of your essay, or the thesis statement, as the log line for the film. After all, you’re focusing on that one aspect as the major, overarching glue holding the novel together.

Essentially, you want to think more about the aspect you’ve chosen. So, for example, say you’ve chosen dialogue. Great. What statement are you going to make about dialogue?

It shouldn’t simply read as a summary of the novel. Each person in this class should be able to come up with a different log line, or main idea.

  • By following the recommendations in the article above, try to write a log line for your version of the film. This can essentially serve as the main idea of your paper.
  • (give it a shot, but if you find the idea of a log line confusing, just try to think of a main idea for your paper)
  • Or, maybe you already have a sentence in your draft that would make a strong main idea for your next draft? If so, underline it.



  • There is nothing to hand in for Thursday. Work on the above elements, and bring a digital copy of your latest draft to the lab. We’ll continue working on it there.
  • The schedule says that you have a reading due next class. I’m changing that, so there’s no reading due next class. You will have a reading assignment from Voyage in the Dark due on Oct. 12, so if you want to start reading it in advance, go ahead. If you choose to do so, here’s a question to start thinking about:
  • In what ways can Anna be considered an underdog or an outsider?



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