Tic vs. Tac


Twitchy, obsessive, thoughtful, audacious

Friend of Gilbert

Lover of White Castle burgers, L&L, tugboating

Who feels freak-like,

Who needs answers, love, validation

Who fears Matricarde and Rockaforte, the Polish giant,

Who gives his time, energy, and humility

Who would like to solve Frank’s murder, be Kimmery’s lover, be touret-free

Resident of Self Loathers Island


Task 2

In one of the earlier scenes of the novel (page 11-_0)Lionel and Coney are staking out the Zendo simply because Frank told them to, without giving them a little insight as to why. This scene is a great way to show how devoted Lionel was to Frank, and how he would be willing to always go the extra mile for him with no questions asked. Also it demonstrates how Frank can sometimes leave Lionel in the dark without explaining things to him, leaving Lionel to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. “Now Minna was saying {p12} *to be finished later*

Task 3

The scene beginning on page 58 recounts the first time that Lionel met Matricarde and Rockaforte. In this scene we see the authority that the two old mafia-men have over Frank and inevitably himself and his peers. In this scene Rockaforte says to them, “So tell us.  […] Tell us what you’re going to be. What kind of men.”(p. 63) When Tony responds that he wants to be like Frank, Lionel knows that he is speaking for all of them, and with good reason. This scene reminds me of later on in the novel when Lionel is practically impersonating Frank, complete with his watch, his pager.


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