Tasks on tics and tics on tasks

Task 1:


Bizarre, compulsive, ridiculous and clownish

Friend of all people victim of your compulsive Tourette’s

Lover of all female encounters

 Who feels as an underdog, outcast and loner

Who needs attention, respect and acceptance

Who fears to lose someone, to be guilty and to commit vengeance

Who gives love, jokes and tics

Who would like to eat on a steakout

Resident of the Tourettic city


Task 2:

As for the aspect I chose for the project is about the major overarching theme in the book which I believe is ; Vengeance. Actually, it is quite visible that vengeance is demonstrated in the book and it is also for this reason why there is a plot in the story. After Minna’s death, the main protagonist is aching to find the culprit of the murder and throughout the story we follow Lionel actions and thoughts on how he will solve this mystery. As a side note, seeking vengeance is a human’s nature, and for Lionel to seek vengeance is totally normal for a human being. Lionel actually talks about vengeance and says, “I had wanted to think vengeance wasn’t Tourettic or Essroggian at all. Like the subway, say.”(310) Lionel  did not want to believe that he his victim of vengeance but he was since again, human’s nature.

Task 3:

The above scene reminds me of the scene in page 285, where he did not knew what vengeance was and it shows that afterwards, later when he solved the case he found out was it was. “Guilt I knew about. Vengeance was another story entirely. I’d have to think about vengeance.”

Hersi Nur



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