Rough draft work



Lionel Essrog

Tourretic, determined, energetic and self- appointed

Friend of Minna men and Julia

Lover of Kimmerly

Who feels anger, lonely and dehumanised

Who needs answers, love and a friend

Who fears disappointment, Frank Minna and tics

Who gives encouragement, facts and outbursts

Who would like to find accomplishment, love and himself

Resident of Tourette’s




Page 190-192

Scene: In Seminole’s car with Lionel and Tony. Lionel and Tony questioning each other outside Matricardi and Rockaforte’s building while Seminole( a cop) drives by with a gun and telling them to get into the car. When they sit in the car the cop starts questioning them about the murder of Frank Minna.

In this scene where the cop questions Tony and Lionel about the death of Frank Minna, Seminole worries about Matricardi and Rockaforte more because they are the Italian Mobsters and he thinks they had something to do with it. This could be stereotypical but true. Seminole attacks Tony and Lionel with questions in an angry manner giving this scene power and attitude.



Scene: The scene where Lionel questions Gerrard.






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