How he is able to manipulate the detective. First time we see a different side of his character.

Page ranges: 96 (104)-115 Lionel vs. Loomis

At this point in the story, Frank Minna has been killed on Lionel and Gilbert watch. A detective was quick to pass by L&L raising questions in order to get started with his investigation. The Minna Men gathered at L&L after a fucking black cop (97) left.  Tony has taken this opportunity to be the leader of the pack, redirecting Lionel to take his orders, “I need you for something else”, (96). “That cop’s gonna come back around. You talk to him. Cooperate, just don’t give him anything. We don’t want to look like were panicking”, (97). This is when you can see Lionel transition from a dependent, follower to a more independent, devoted leader for himself, “in our dreams we Minna Men were all Frank Minna”, (98).

Is it easier for them to be more like Minna than being themselves?

Task three: Making connections

The above scene reminds me of his relationship with Kimmery “an unprecedented bomb to me”, (211). Lionel only wants two things, one is to find somebody he truly feels a connection with and who loves him for who he is, and the second thing he wants is to find the person who killed Frank Minna. “Minna is a mover and a talker, a word and a gesture, a detective and a fool, Frank Minna c’est moi”, (214).   In this scene we’re able to see what Lionels priorities are, which is to sacrifice the potential of having a one of a kind beautiful relationship with Kimmery, a women he loves, to revenge the death of “the guys who got killed”, (214). Turning his concentration away from love, to focus on the investigation.

Chelsea Silva-Martin


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