“Minna Men try to be like Minna, but Minna is dead”


A Freakshow, Tugboat, …

Enemy of Bailey, friend of

Loves gastronomy, Prince and women, anything to soothe his tics

He feels nothing but guilt, loneliness and insecurity

Who needs acceptance, independence and love

Who fears

In the last scene of the book, we are illustrated the L&L group playing poker all together while listening to music that Danny has chosen. This scene stands out because we can see a sense of friendship and ease within the group that was not present at the beginning of story. The poker night is really symbolic because it represents a typical game during a “guys night out” which shows the bond between them. Just the setting shows how much L&L has changed as a group… For example, Danny lets his crush towards Siobhain more evident because no one will lecture him about it. This is interesting because we have never truly a side of Danny’s personality. This is an important scene because it represents that the Minna Men are closer to each other enough to even get to know each other more.  From the start the Minna Men were clearly united only through Frank. There was no real sense of attachment to one another. However, in these pages, we can see that every one of them

The scene above contrasts with the one when the Minna Men are in the office right after Frank’s death was announced. The group was lost without Minna. Their thoughts were all different and weren’t going all in the same direction.”Lacking Minna, ours, put together, were as empty and tenuous as balloons.”


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