Making Medeocre Connections

Warm up in the moooorning!


Erratic, aloof, crime-fighting and maybe crazy.

Friend of suppressed screams, hater of the doormen.

Lover of sandwiches, sequences of 6 and sex.

Who feels alone, uncontrollable and a little

Who needs approval, to be set free and to live.

Who fears change, bad food and truth.

Who gives out screeches, peaches, leeches.

Who would like to release, make peace and find the DOORMAN.

Making connections to the scenes and aspects or whatever:

pg. 172-178888888888

At this point in the novel Lionel is confronting Matricardi and Rockaforte about Frank’s death and their involvement in the murder. M&R are currently trying to persuade Lionel to their side. The aspect I have chosen to talk about is the stories major core conflict including the internal conflict of Lionel.

1: I chose this scene because it perfectly shows the ugliness of people that’s embodied into M&R. You see them trying to lure Lionel onto their side using deluded language and pity, not to mention their mother, god rest her soul. This also mixed with the dealings of Tony behind the scenes with his death and the old men conflict Lionel, not knowing who to believe in the small world around him.


Making con-ne-ec-tions!

The scene later on where Lionel and Kimmery are alone together in her apartment. You see how Lionel contrasts between how Kimmery and M&R make him feel. With her he is surprisingly calm and tic-less.

Michelle Jette





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