Making Connections

Nadav Sarid


Jeff Ghandal


Making Connections



Task one,


Line 1: First name: Lionel

Line 2: Tourretes, Anxious, Passionate, Hungry

Line 3: Friend of, Tonny, Danny, Frank

Line 4: Lover of, Kimmery, Brooklyn, Food

Line 5: Who feels, Anger, Pain and Loneliness

Line 6: Who needs Love, attention and information

Line 7: Who fears, being alone, having no leader, living a life without Frank Minna.

Line 8: Who gives, discomfort, loyalty, care

Line 9: Who would like to, find Frank’s killer, run L&L and date Kimmery.

Line 10: Resident of L&L’s office building.

Line 11: Essrog


Task two:


The specific scene I am going to talk about is when Lionel and the detective go to Zeod’s together. We are shown the two sharing a meal and walking around the city together. Lionel’s goal of the scene it to answer all of the detective’s questions while giving up the least amount of information possible. We are able to tell by Lionel’s body language and the way he is interacting with the detective, that he feels more confident then earlier in the novel. He does not feel pressured to tell this detective very much as he is able to outsmart him. When Lionel tried to tell detective that he has Tourettes, the detective asks “Can you take me to him?” The detective’s goal was to get Lionel to tell him as much information as possible so he can further investigate Frank Mina’s death. The detective spoke in a degrading way to Lionel, he felt that he had the power in this situation so he must manipulate Lionel to speak and give up some information. The reality was that Lionel had the power in this situation; he had the power to tell the detective any amount of information as he pleased, including steering the detective in the wrong direction.



Task three: The above scene reminds me of when Lionel goes to Matricardi and Roakcaforte to speak to them after Frank dies. When Lionel speaks with the detective we see a certain swagger and confidence that he presents him self with that we have yet to see in the novel. He was able to speak a little more clear and carry him self with more confidence because he feels smarter then the detective. When he speaks to Matricardi and Rackaforte Lionel is significantly quieter and less confident. These two men are considered to be powerful because they run a big business, they are presented as two men who are always well dressed, sitting in big fancy chairs, almost as if they are on a thrown. Lionel’s ticks take over at times when he speaks with them. He is definitely not confortable in front of them and it is made very clear.


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