Making Connections

connection-001Task One

Lionel Essrog

Witty, Out of control and Jokester

Coworker of Danny, Gilbert and Tony

Lover of White Castle’s burger, Kimmery’s cat and Minna

Who feels guilty, anxious and awake

Who needs love, affection and himself

Who fears the Giant, Tony and his uncontrollable tics

Who gives confusion, comfort and connection

Who would like to be Minna, tic-less and reassured

Resident of people’s mind

Essrog the one and only


Task two: Close reading of a scene


Lionel is near the edge of the sea waiting for Julia.They are about to elucidate what really happen and the cause of Minna’s death. At this moment, Lionel already know that Gerard killed his own brother therefore he learns more about Julia’s character. While confronting Julia, she reminds him that he was loved. The protagonist also realizes at that moment that even if they were unhappy, Julia was the most unhappy of them all.I believe it is an important scene of the novel because it can be felt by the reader from the surrounding.

“The wind was still strong,”(P292) refers to what happened earlier between his battle against Ullman. Even if Lionel fears are gone, the thought of it is still in his mind.

This passage of the book illustrates the contrast of the world and setting of Lionel’s tiny world. He says it himself, that he has never gone that far away from his home. ( citation somewhere in the book)

Task three: Making connections

The above scene  contrast from an earlier scene of the novel where Lionel is  having an intimate talk with Kimmery.  In both scenes, Lionel is searching for answers from the secondary characters. Even thought both women have been hurt by man their respond to Lionel and his tics are very different. Kimmery sees Lionel as a little strange but accept his tics. In the other hands, Julia tells Lionel that ” No woman will ever want you, Lionel.”, this comment shows how pessimist of a character she is.

Amanda Ging Sze Chan



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